Martin Gaido is a professional web designer, pianist and composer born in the city of Pergamino (Buenos Aires, Argentina) on June 1st 1977. Martin started his professional career in Buenos Aires, Argentina working as a software developer, server administrator and web designer. From an early age he showed interest in music and technology. In 1998 he traveled to the United States where he studied english, software design and marketing for six years. During his stay in the US, he worked in global projects for some of the most well-known fortune 500 companies until he co-founded Momares where he's expertise Unix/Linux solutions have found fertile ground. In 2006 he started to play guitar, and a year later, he begins his studies at the Conservatorio Provincial de Música "Juan Carlos Paz" (Provincial Music Conservatory "Juan Carlos Paz") where he found his musical identity through the classical piano and formal music studies.

Consequently he completed classes in music production, acoustics and violin in Buenos Aires and Rosario. Currently, he lives in San Nicolás de los Arroyos (Buenos Aires) where he continues advanced studies in piano and composition at the Escuela de Arte Provincial No. 501 (Provincial Art School No. 501) where he has lived since 2012. After participating in diverse musical projects in rock, pop and experimental music, he decides to explore piano composition as a solo artist influenced by the textures of classical and romantic music.

Martin has participated in multiple national and international projects, serving as web designer and consultant for well known companies and also as a composer for incidental music in theater performances, short films, interviews and advertising in the United States, Argentina, Uruguay, England, France and Italy.